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Posted on Sun 26 June 2022 in Scientific software/Android-apps

Navigation and tracking

I tried a lot of apps at some time, one important feature for me is that all the tools work offline as well as online. The best app i found is Locus (it has its own webpage here:

either Locus Free :

or its pay version: Locus Pro:

both can use goolge maps and calculate tracks, can use vector maps and similar thing that can be downloaded before. One feature i like is that you can download goolge maps before a trip and store it. It has several “faces” for car or  hiking, it can track your route or interface in special tracking tools like the one below. Really usefull are also the points of interest. They can be pu in groups and exported. I use to give them to friends so that they can enjoy a new city i already explored There are plenty of sources for free maps i use: for general vector maps used for car navigation and for hiking and cycling

My tracks is a very usefull tracking tool with a lot of settings. it nicely interfaces with locus and after some tries is my choice nr. one.

Apps for Office

Converter for images to pdf I recommend Genius Scan: Android:


Timers for presentation:

presentation timer  this is my choice, colour code and simple in its use

presentationtimer: up to three times very simple and straight forward:

presentationtimer several presentations with different times can be programmed in advance and the bell can ring automatically:

X-ray and chemistry tools

will be updated soon